Wednesday, June 13, 2018

End of the year reflection

What I Liked

I liked doing P.E. in grade 5 because we had a unit about parkour and in parkour, I learnt a  lot of skills and when to use them. One of my most favorite skills in parkour is the safety roll and the kong vault.

What I Will Miss

I will miss the teachers helping me because when I move up to middle school, I wont be able to see the teachers in elementary that often. I will also miss the people that are leaving because they have been kind and caring. I'll remember the student counselors for helping the community and putting in their hard work.

What are my next steps

My next steps is to improve on my reading pace and getting a better understanding about the reading skills.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

PYPX Exhibition Final Reflection

PYPX Final Reflection

Our central idea is the decisions people make about food affect others and our lines of inquiry are causes of hunger, how to evaluate our food distribution and consumption and actions people can take. Our central idea means that if people stop eating meat, there will be more food for other people because meat takes a lot the earths resources such as land water and grains and the land could be used to grow other crops. There are 6 causes of hunger, evaluating means looking at whats good or bad.

I think that the way I worked with my group was good because I tried to find useful sites because there weren't a lot of sites that would help us think of an action because we were really struggling with thinking of an action that could help reduce world hunger. I shared a lot of ideas but some were useful and some were not. 

In my opinion, I think my group worked well because we had good communication for \example, half of my group would be working on one thing and the other half ]of the group is working on a different thing so we could get things done faster. Also, when we want to work on another thing, we talk to each other to see if anyone wants to work on two things. When my group really needs to get things done, we talk to each other to do this at home.

I felt good at the start of the exhibition, but when the exhibition ended, I felt really good. The reason why I think I felt like that was because at the start of PYPX, I felt a little bit nervous then when it ended. I feel like me and my group has done a lot work.

Monday, March 26, 2018

My Reading

My Reading
My reading has improved a lot this year because I think reading is a really good skill to have because if your reading is good, then your English would get better as well as your pace when you read

My skill when reading when you don't know a word is to read ahead because that could help you find the meaning of the word quicker instead of getting out a dictionary and searching for

We have a reading group which is great because if we need help, we have our group members and I think that's a great way to improve.

PYPX Information Report

Thursday, March 15, 2018

PYPX Project

PYPX Project

We are doing a PYPX Project and my project is about zero hunger and we have thought of our central idea and our lines of inquiry.

Our mentor helps us by giving us information and helps us with areas where were stuck with.

We took notes about zero hunger because we could use some of the information for our final group project.

Our group does well with agreeing on ideas and I think we need to improve on communicating more in the mentor meetings.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

My learning in 5D

My learning in 5D

I think my learning grew a lot in 5D because I got to know multiples and factors better and I got to learn new strategies to help me solve difficult problems. When im solving division problems, I can solce them much quicker.

I think I should focus on understanding decimals better because I struggle.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Day 1 Reflection
A monarchy means when kings and queen's still ruled a lot.
In a monarchy the citizens have to listen to the kings rules.
The government has to support them?
A monarchy is successful if/when...they earn a lot and be royal?
personal comment
Being a part of a monarchy made me feel…like there's not much to do.
I would change…so that some people would would also share a role.
I would keep...the privileges the king has.
A colour I would choose to represent monarchy would be red.
A symbol I would choose to represent monarchy would be crown.
An image I would choose to represent monarchy would be peace.

Day 2 Reflection  “Anarchy sounds good to me. Then someone asks, 'Who'd fix the sewers?'”
An anarchy means...government and freedom?
In an anarchy the citizens have to... have freedom.
The government has to...get the people to have access to freedom.
An anarchy is successful if/when...people are happy and not sad.
personal comment
Being a part of anarchy made me feel…like the world had peace.
I would change… that some people would get to share a role.
I would keep...that people have to listen to other people.
A colour I would choose to represent anarchy would be blue.
A symbol I would choose to represent anarchy would be people.
An image I would choose to represent anarchy would be friendship.